Harry Potter & The Cursed Child | Book Review!


I’m very new to the world of book reviews, but as a lifelong Harry Potter fanatic I just couldn’t resist writing a post about the latest offering from the Potter world. Initially I was very unsure about the book being in a script format, it’s something that was completely new and foreign to me. But I was determined to give the book a go, so I will talk you through my thoughts. FYI This is going to be a SPOILER FREE review.

The book begins almost 20 years after we last encountered out favourite Potter characters, just as Harry’s last child Albus is starting Hogwarts. The Cursed Child brings back Harry, Hermione and Ron along with their significant others & children, as well as Draco and his son.

The story follows Albus’ time at Hogwarts, and explores the relationship between Father and son quite in-depth. Not only Harry’s relationship with his son, but also Draco & his son too, an aspect of the book which I thoroughly enjoyed. I found this part of the plot very relatable and it did a great job of holding my interest.

I found the first third of the book very easy to read. Being a stage script, this impacted on the speed of the read and made it quite a page turner. As I mentioned I was dubious about the format of a stage script but it didn’t take long for me to adjust.

The middle portion of the book took some real twists and turns (without giving any spoilers), quite literally with the involvement of a certain magical item we have encountered in the Potter world before. The plot within this section didn’t always sit right with me, as I felt it wasn’t true to Rowling’s usual style. Although this may be me being over critical as I’m a die hard Potter fan.


The final third of the book did win me over again, with the story arch coming full circle and some really endearing/heart felt moments. There was a particular point during the final chapters which tugged at my heart strings, and made me feel like the Potter magic was back once more.

All in all I do think I enjoyed the Cursed Child, but I don’t think it comes close to the original books at all. Parts of the story didn’t fit with the characters usual behaviour, but this wouldn’t stop me from reading an additional books about the wizarding world which Rowling may write in future.

I would love to see how this translates on stage, I’m hoping I will get the chance to see the play in the near future. If you are a Harry Potter fan like myself and you haven’t yet read this – I would recommend it, but please don’t get your hopes up too high!

I’d love to hear your thoughts if you’ve already read The Cursed Child, or if you’ve seen the play (I’m incredibly jealous if you have!).

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