My Top 5 Things to do in Berlin!


Last week I had the pleasure of spending five glorious days in Berlin with my boyfriend Mark. We did tonnes of exploring and sight seeing. We visited all the usual tourist spots with a few hidden gems. Before travelling to Berlin I couldn’t find information as readily available in comparison with other cities we have visited before (eg. Barcelona & Paris) so I thought I would talk you through my five favourite things we did on our trip.
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The Holocaust Memorial & Information Centre – I’m not usually a Historian myself, but I felt really compelled to visit the Holocaust Memorial whilst in Berlin. It was quite a moving experience. The memorial itself is the size of a full football field, filled with the dark sarcophagi symbolising the death of the Jews during the second world war. The information centre is free of charge, and is also definitely worth visiting as it sheds light on a very dark part of our history. Mark & I found it very eye opening, and it’s something I would recommend to anyone visiting Berlin.
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Panorama-Punkt (Potsdamer Platz) – This red-brick sky scraper falls within the rebuilt area of Berlin named Potsdamer Platz. From this central spot within the city, you can get some of the best views in Berlin for just €6.50. The scraper also has the fastest lift in Europe! We were impressed with the price especially, as it’s much more affordable than other experiences like this.
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Fassbender & Rausch Schokoladenhaus – Named the finest and largest Chocolatiers in Germany, I’d compare Fassbender & Rausch to the likes of Ladureè in Paris. The ground floor contains the beautiful chocolate shop, where you’ll find any type of chocolate you could dream of, along with chocolate models of Berlin’s most famous landmarks. After riding in the Willy Wonka style lift to the upper floors, you enter the cafe/restaurant which boasts a chocolate themed menu. Mark & I went for the original miniature chocolate tort pictured above, which was the most luxurious and indulgent pudding I’ve ever eaten.
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Berlin Zoo – Based in the beautiful area of Tiergarten you will find Berlin Zoo, which is the oldest zoo in Germany! We paid for a joint ticket to the Zoo & Aqaurium which cost €20, which I think is very good value for money. The Zoo is located in a such a picturesque area, and is very widespread. This has meant that the enclosure sizes are much more generous than other zoos I have visited, and it gives the zoo a more natural organic feel. We arrived at 10am and were kept entertained until 5pm, when we left due to exhaustion from the Berlin heat (it was 31 degrees!). The Zoo had the widest range of animals I have seen, including various types of bears which we loved!
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Monkey Bar Berlin (25hours hotel, Bikini Berlin) – Last but not least is the hidden gem from our trip, this bar is located on the top floor on a grand hotel which overlooks Berlin Zoo. If you attend during the day you are met with gorgeous views of the monkeys (hence the name). We decided to visit after dinner one evening, and were blown away by the interiors of the bar itself – very avant guard and interesting. The bar boasts some of the cities most unique, and best cocktails. The drinks have a very jungle/tiki vibe and were all made with high quality alcohol. Mark & I both had a cocktail called the Italian Stallion, which had dark rum and amaretto with a concoction of fruit juices – it was stunning! The bar had a very high end and ‘exclusive’ feel to it, which made it an experience I will never forget.

Within the coming weeks I will be uploading my Berlin vlogs, in which you will see more of our trip including the things I have mentioned above. I hope you’ve found this post helpful, and I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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9 thoughts on “My Top 5 Things to do in Berlin!

  1. Looks like you had a lovely time!
    We also went to the zoo, it’s such a big one! It was close to our hotel so we did that in the afternoon after we’d arrived, there was a massive thunderstorm for about 30 minutes and had to camp out in one of the enclosures that were covered.
    Hadn’t heard of Panorama Punkt, wish I’d known that was there we walked all the way up the top of the Victory tower and it killed us!


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