LUSH Halloween Products!


Finally the LUSH Autumn & Halloween products have been released *squeals*. I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release as I love the A/W ranges, the mixture of sweet and spiced scents very much appeal to me. The release date happened to fall on my last day of my first week at University – so this seemed like the perfect excuse to purchase some of the new bath bombs!

Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb – With it’s soft grass-like scent, Autumn Leaf isn’t my usual choice but with such a lovely mix of pastel colours I had to give this a go. After the LUSH Creative Showcase I saw so many demos on Instagram of this bomb, and it looks very unique so I can’t wait to try it myself.

Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb – With it’s cult classic LUSH scent, Lord of Misrule is finally back in my life! I discovered this last year, and have been craving it for months. LoM has a spicy peppery scent, which I never expected to love. It’s perfect for those cold crisp evenings when you want a nice relaxing soak. LoM is very nice to watch in the water too, it’s deep cranberry red mixtures so nicely with it’s green outer layer!

Pumpkin Bath Bomb – Now how cute is this little guy? The Pumpkin bath bomb has the most delicious scent, it’s sweet vanilla with a hint of cinnamon. It’s the epitome of a Pumpkin spiced-latte kind of smell. I’m yet to see how this looks in the water, but I can hardly contain my excitement.

Monster Ball Bath Bomb – Of all the new releases this was the product I was most excited for, looking like Mike from Monsters Inc this bomb immediately grabbed my attention! Monster Ball contains Lime and Neroli which gives it a sweet uplifting scent – not what you’d think of initially for Halloween, but I take it as a sweet/candy inspired scent. The colours of this bath bomb are also spot on, I actually purchased two of these (one of which I have already used) – so keep your eyes peeled for a demo video on my YouTube channel!

What are your thoughts on the LUSH Halloween releases? Which products are you most looking forward to trying?

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13 thoughts on “LUSH Halloween Products!

    1. That’s so weird as I haven’t had any problems with staining! I understand the scents aren’t for everyone though as they are very strong 🙂 I just love the treat of having a nice bath after a long day! Xx


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