Benefit KA-BROW! | The Review.


When it comes to brow products, Benefit are the first brand that come to mind. Earlier in the year they launched a whole range of brow products, all beautifully packaged and they marketed the range extremely well. I wanted to let the dust settle a little before diving in. So I finally purchased the blogger favourite KA-BROW! 6 weeks ago and today I’m going to give you my honest review.

When it comes to brows, mine are pretty sparse. I like to have brow products which allow me to fill in my brows without looking too dramatic, I prefer it to be buildable. I also have a preference for waterproof/smudge-proof brows. So when Benefit launched their own pomade, their node to ABH Dip Brow I knew I had to get my hands on it. I purchased KA-BROW! in the shade 4, which is a cool toned brown.

Benefit KA-BROW! retails for Β£18.50 for 3g of product. KA-BROW! it’s beautifully packaged, and comes with it’s own little brush which is absolutely perfect for applying the product. The brush is the ideal size, and is firm enough to create defined/well groomed brows. It’s small size means it does take a while to adjust to application, but now I’ve got the hang of it I’m completely sold.

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KA-BROW! has quite a waxy formula which takes some getting used to, but this waxyness allows it to be very long-lasting. Benefit claims that KA-BROW! is waterproof and I am in complete agreement, I’ve worn this prior to running in the pouring rain and have returned with my brows still in place. The waxyness of the formula also helps to keep brow hairs in place, so it’s very much an all-rounder.

Colour-wise, shade 4 is spot on for my dark brown hair. I’m so glad they put in a cool-toned shade, as I would have struggled otherwise. They have catered well to those with lighter hair tones as well. The formula allows this product to be very buildable so I think it would work well for all hair colours.

Since purchasing this product I have been wearing this almost every day, I don’t think I’ve worn my ABH Dip Brow at all since KA-BROW! joined my collection. I’d highly recommend it to anyone, especially those who are new to pomades or struggle with other brow products.

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7 thoughts on “Benefit KA-BROW! | The Review.

  1. First of all, I really love the design of the packaging as it is such a great selling point when it comes to any beauty product and the formula as a base tool is a perfect choice to store without spilling


  2. I haven’t heard of this product but it looks pretty good, it’s a great review. I usually use eyeshadow and a clear mascara which works well for me x


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