LUSH Exeter Valentines Event & Giveaway!

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I was very excited to be invited to the Valentines Blogger event at LUSH Exeter, which I attended last week. It seems as though the launch has come around even quicker this year, and after how amazing the Christmas range was I had high expectations indeed.

The staff at LUSH Exeter always look after us amazingly well at their events, on arrival we had drinks and treats. The store was decked out with Valentines balloons, confetti and sequins everywhere! Each of us were given the name of another blogger which we had to keep secret, and all would be revealed later in the evening.

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The Valentines range is dominated by bath products, and this is where we began with the demos. The over-riding theme with the bath products for this launch was definitely a floral and fruity scent base. It was great to see some old favourites return such as the Unicorn Horn Bubblebar with it’s soft lavender scent, and the Lover Lamp Bath Bomb which I really enjoyed last year. I was pleased to see the return of the Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb which featured in the mother’s day range in 2016. I like to pair this with a Rose Jam Bubbleroon for a rose overload bath!

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As well as the old favourites, LUSH have also introduced some completely new products to the Valentines range. Last year at the LUSH Creative Showcase there was frenzy over the Over & Over Bath Bomb which was exclusive to the event – but thankfully this has now been released as part of the Valentines range! It is very similar in design to the Nevermind the Ballistics bath bomb (which was released at Christmas). Once it’s outer shell has fizzed away it bursts open with a pink centre which makes beautiful bath art!

Other new additions which are worth mentioning are Cupid Bath Bomb – this cute little bomb is in the shape of a heart and dons a subtle raspberry scent with a hint of rose. I had to pick up a couple of these for myself as they were just too lovely to resist. Another item which really caught my eye was the Two Hearts Beating As One Bath Melt – it is a really generous sized bath melt with a very unique design. This melt contains more oils than you can shake a stick at – I can’t wait for it to work some wonders on my skin.

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Following the bath product demos we moved onto shower and body products. Prince Charming Shower Gel is another returning product which is well loved by LUSHies. I personally haven’t tried this before, the pomegranate scent is quite unusual – some of the other bloggers compared it to a lemon drizzle cake!

I volunteered myself to try out the Love Spell Massage Bar. This massage bar is full of nourishing ingredients to give an abundance of moisture back to your skin, paired with it’s rose based scent LUSH are definitely onto a winner with this one! I suffer with extremely dry skin on my hands, and Love Spell made my skin baby soft again leaving a soft rosey scent.

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The Valentines range feels much larger this year than previously, so I’ve only given a small snapshot of the products available as I didn’t want to send you all to sleep! The final product I wanted to briefly mention is the Kiss Me Quick Business Wash Card – as this is just such a unique idea. This product is a credit card size wash card made of apple pulp for washing on the go – I know this will not be to everyone’s taste but I love how innovative LUSH are with their new products.

Following the demos, the LUSH staff but on a game of Love Match for us all which was very fun. It was then revealed that we had to choose one product from the range to give to the person whose name we had received at the beginning of the night – as a little early Valentines gift. A lovely YouTuber named Belinda chose the Over & Over bath bomb for me which I was really pleased with!

Once again I’d like to say a big thank you to LUSH Exeter for organising such a lovely event. The staff were all so welcoming and put us all at ease, giving us lots information about the products whilst giving things very fun.

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I am going to be running a little LUSH Valentines giveaway (UK only) over on my Twitter in which you could win an Over & Over Bath Bomb & Lovestruck Bubblebar. Be sure to check out my pinned tweet to enter, the giveaway will be running until 6pm on 05/02/17.

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