LUSH Scrubee Body Butter Review!


As a huge LUSH fan, I was incredibly excited when I saw Scrubee was launched as part of the Mother’s Day range. I had seen lots of cute photos of Scrubee from the LUSH Summit, and kept my fingers tightly crossed.

Scrubee is quite a unique product, as it is a solid body butter (similar to the LUSH massage bars) but this little guy has some major scrubbing power to thanks to the ground coconut shells and almond in his bumble bee stripes! LUSH says ‘Body butter is better when you’re wetter, glide this bar over skin that’s wet in the bath or shower to release the real conditioning power of this butter.’

Aesthetically I don’t have a bad word to say about Scrubee – he is totally adorable! He fits in really well with LUSH’s latest floral and botanical packaging theme, and who doesn’t love a little bumble bee?! It’s just unfortunate that after a few uses he loses his cute bee features!

This body butter is jam packed with nourishing ingredients for your skin including cocoa butter, shea butter and honey. It has a really rich scent, which reminds me of the Soft Couer massage bar. I’ve noticed that the scent lingers on my skin, as well as leaving my bathroom smelling lovely too!

I love the concept of using this body butter in the shower, as it takes away the hassle of having to apply body butter after showering/waiting for it to sink into your skin – which is always the worst part in my opinion! The exfoliating side of this product is really gentle, and hasn’t irritated my sensitive skin at all. LUSH are definitely onto a winner with this one – the combination of a body butter and scrub in one is definitely a good one.

LUSH seem to be really focussing on their naked products at the moment and I think it’s fantastic and a very smart move, as they’re constantly rolling out innovative products which are better for the environment too. I will definitely be picking up another Scrubee before the Mother’s Day range disappears again! I’d highly recommend trying the Scrubee – especially those of you who need a body moisturiser you can use in a hurry.

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