Life update: New blog header, my first ODP job and more!

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It’s been a hot minute since I last wrote a chatty update post, and it’s been all go in the land of Lucie recently, so here we are! This may be a long one, so I’d grab yourself a cup of tea and a snack if I were you (go on, treat yourself).

Those of you who have been around here a while will know 2017 was a very quiet year for my blog. I fell out of love with blogging, and just really struggled to maintain a good routine for writing content. Since September I’ve really managed to get myself back in the game, and as a little treat I decided to get myself a new header!

Angela from Beauty by the Bunny has been a blogger I’ve known almost my entire blogging life, she’s someone that I look up to and will always follow. She recently started a illustration account on Instagram (Doodlesbythebunny – make sure you check it out!) and the style of her drawings was exactly what I was after, so I couldn’t resist. I’m so happy with how the header turned out as it’s bright and colourful, and depicts some of my most favourite things!

I have already shared this on my social media but I wanted to talk about it on my blog too – but I’m very pleased to say that I have been offered my first position as a ODP for when I qualify later this year. I will be working in a hospital in Bristol, where I’ll have the opportunity to rotate through anaesthetics, scrub and recovery which will be an amazing opportunity for me career wise. It’s going to be quite a scary experience moving to a new hospital where I won’t know anyone, but I am just so relieved to have got a job in an area I really wanted to work. I will hopefully be starting my job in August (as our ODP course finishes in July).

Another exciting point, is that this will mean I will be moving back to Bristol and I will be moving in with my boyfriend Alister! I know I will find it hard being away from my family and friends in Devon, and of course my pooch Maisie. But since leaving Bristol in 2013, I’ve always wanted to move back. It’s the perfect city to me, as it’s close enough to home without being too overwhelmingly busy. I’m really looking forward to getting settled, and not having to live between two different places anymore. It will be so lovely to have more time with Alister, and it’ll mean our relationship won’t be long distance anymore too.

As I’m on the final stretch of my course now things are starting to get quite intense. At the moment we have two 3000 word essays to write, and an essay style exam to prepare for so it’s quite hectic. I’m hoping that by being organised I can keep on top of my University work, and find time to write content I enjoy too. I find putting content together for my blog really therapeutic in a way, and it’s a great escape when I’m stressed so hopefully I can continue with the positive streak I’m on at the moment.

This year I’m trying not to set myself any strict goals with regards to blogging, but I’m hoping that I will be able to keep writing at least two or three posts a week throughout the year. I’ve loved the response I’ve had to my ODP, and more lifestyle based posts so that sort of content will definitely feature more often too.

As always thank you to each and every one of you who takes the time to read my ramblings. I never expected to get back to such a positive place with blogging after my slump last year, so to be getting the positivity you give means the world to me!

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