Life update: Living in Bristol & finishing University!


Hello everyone!

It’s been a little while, so I thought I ought to have a proper catch up with you all.

2018 has been a very hectic year for me, I entered the last year of my ODP training which has been very tense. After being offered a job in Bristol I decided to move there, which meant moving in with my boyfriend! I’ve still been travelling home to Devon every couple of weeks to work and see my family.  I transferred placements to a hospital in Bristol which was a scary experience for me initially, but now that I’m settled in I’m so glad I made the choice to move. It’s been the best thing being with Alister every day and not having to spend long periods of time apart like before – I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I’m very proud to say that this week I finished my ODP training and my time at University – which is honestly the nicest feeling. I have taken a job in Bristol to work as an ODP which I will be starting at the beginning of August. Alister has also been offered a job in the same Trust, so he will be working just down the road from me which is super lovely!

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We are lucky to have 3 weeks off before starting our jobs, which we have decided to use to recuperate and catch up with family and friends. It feels really strange having time at home, without having an assignment to do or a presentation to prepare – I could really get used to this. I’d like to try and get my teeth back into blogging during this time, as well as making the most of the great weather we have been having. Currently here in Bristol there is the Gromit Unleashed Trail, organised to raise money for the local Children’s hospital. Statues of Wallace, Gromit and Feathers Mcgraw are located all around the city until the beginning of September – so I’m planning a few adventures to find all of them!

Incase you haven’t seen already, I actually have a second blog now where I write about all things related to my profession as an ODP. I’m very passionate about my career, as ODPs play a really important role in caring for patients who come for surgery. But ODPs remain very poorly understood by the public so I’d love for you to check it out –

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