Buxom Blogger Event | Debenhams Bristol!


Last week I was very kindly invited to attend an event hosted by Buxom Cosmetics UK at Debenhams in Bristol. Lauren from Buxom organised the event due to the launch of the NEW Holographic Full-On Plumping Lip Polish Top Coats & the Power Plump Lip Balm! We also got to learn lots about the brand, and it’s history which was really interesting as prior to this event I hadn’t tried any Buxom products before.

Buxom started out in the US primarily as an eye & lip product brand, for which they are very well known. Their hero products are the Buxom Full-on Lip Polish and the individual eyeshadows which can be built into your own custom palette!

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The Buxom lip products all contain natural peptides which help to give lips a more plump appearance – even their lip liners! Buxom are unique in that they don’t use the irritants found in most plumping products such as chilli and bee venom. The peptides combined with hyaluronic acid painlessly pump up the appearance of lips.

Both of the new launches contain this more natural lip plumping technology and we had the opportunity to swatch and give them a try. The Power Plump lip balms had a very nourishing texture, and I could see the coloured versions would work well as a cream blush on the cheeks too.

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Pictured above are the Holographic top coats *heart eyes*.  I don’t usually go for glitter lip products but these are stunning! The top coats can be worn alone or as a topper to your desired lip products. I tried the gorgeous golden shade which is called ‘Arianna’ over the top of a peach lip liner which looked lush. The product feels smooth without being sticky on the lips, and the plumping effect was really gentle compared to previous lip plumping products I have tried. These beauties are limited edition so make sure you head to your nearest Buxom counter to give them a try.

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I was very excited to try some of the Buxom eyeshadows – they are priced at £8 each for a single pan which you can put into their customisable palette. I love that they offer this service, as it’s nice to be able to choose a selection of shades that suit your skin tone & you know you will get good use from. There is a huge range of colours and finishes, I was particularly drawn to the buttery formula of the shimmer shades!

Conveniently I wasn’t wearing any eyeshadow at the event, so this was the perfect opportunity to see how they performed! Lauren created a nude blow out look for me, with a pop of colour on the lower lash line (she used the blue shade called ‘Schmooze’) as I wanted to go slightly out of my comfort zone. Lauren used the shade Glitz Factor on the centre of my lids which is a gorgeous peach with gold reflects, I loved this shade so much I actually picked it up for my collection!

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I was very lucky to be gifted some Buxom goodies from the event which I can’t wait to start using along with the eyeshadow I purchased. The PlumpLine lip liner in Hush Hush may have also fallen into my shopping basket too.. I just can’t resist me some lip products! It’s given me a new lease of life having some fresh products in my makeup bag, so hoping this will give me the spark I need to try out some new makeup looks.

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I would just like to say a huge thank you to Lauren from Buxom Cosmetics UK for organising the event and gifting us the gorgeous goodies. I really enjoyed learning more about a brand I’ve previously not been that familiar with, and it was lovely to meet some of the gorgeous Bristol bloggers too. I’m very much a lip product girl so I’m sure I will end up with a whole stash of Buxom products now!

Have you tried any products from Buxom before?

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2 thoughts on “Buxom Blogger Event | Debenhams Bristol!

  1. This sounds like a great event, I love the idea of the lip plumpers and it’s great the contain peppermint to enhance the lips rather than chillies. I have just recently heard about the brand, after being generously gifted their volumising mascara and I am so impressed with it so far Xx


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