I’ve joined Slimming World, again!


With graduation looming, and after having put on some weight this year I made the decision to go back to Slimming World. This will be my second time joining, I originally joined in 2014 and lost 3.5 stone over an 18 month period so I already know that the plan really does work for me.

When getting into a new relationship and feeling the stress of studying for a University course it’s not surprising I haven’t been as healthy as I’d have liked the last year or so. But I’m really determined to address this and try to get myself back on track. My graduation is at the end of August so my first little goal is to try and lose half a stone before my graduation. I’d just like to feel a little bit more comfortable in myself, as graduation will be a special day for me and Alister so I don’t want to look back at the pictures and not like the way my body looks.

In the past I have really haven’t always had a good relationship with food. I struggle at times when I’m feeling low or stressed, so I think now that I have some time to myself it’s the perfect moment to introduce some healthy and positive habits. I’m very lucky in that my partner is happy to eat SW friendly meals with me, and he’s very good at ensuring I don’t stray from the plan!

I’m by no means at SW expert, I think things have changed a lot since I was last a member. The online community has grown hugely, and it’s so much easier to find yummy recipes which are in line with the plan! I’ve decided I am going to blog about my SW journey along the way, sharing any recipes I enjoy and I may post updates on how my weightloss is going.

At my first weigh in this week I lost 3.5lbs which I am super pleased with. It’s a good start and means I’m well on my way to losing half a stone before graduation, 6 weeks to go so fingers crossed!

I just want to emphasise that weight is a very personal and individual thing, each of us have different targets and ideas of where we would like to be and that is the beauty of being human. If anyone is reading this and thinking they want to lose weight I would just like to say – please make sure you are doing it for the right reasons, and for YOURSELF. Don’t give in the pressure of society, or opinions from others of how you should look.

I’ve also set up an Instagram page purely for SW related stuff so make sure you give me a follow over there if you’re interest – SW Instagram page!

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