Mini Candle Haul | Village Candles


It’s that time of year; when I get home from work once I’ve had my dinner I just wanna jump into bed, light some candles and get snuggled up to watch some Netflix. I’m getting pretty low on some of my favourite candles so when I popped into my local Hallmark and found Village Candles were 50% off I went a little wild. I think if my boyfriend wasn’t there to stop me, I probably would have come away with half of the store!

Cinnamon Bun (small jar) This is a repurchase for me, I am a little obsessed with all things cinnamon whether it’s cinnamon scented or flavoured. Cinnamon buns are my favourite sweet treat so I find this scent so comforting. This candle is the perfect mix of sweet and spice, which I think is great for the colder months.

Blueberry Muffin (large jar) Another repurchase! But I recently finished up a medium jar of this scent and I can’t get enough of it. When you smell the jar it is very sweet, but once lit it has a really nice soft scent which fills the room with a smell like freshly baked muffins. Can you see there’s a bit of a theme going here?


Spiced Pumpkin (small jar) Well it’s October so I had to pick up a pumpkin scented candle. Spiced scents are essential for Autumn and Winter, this candle has notes of cinnamon, vanilla and ginger which are the perfect combination. As with the cinnamon bun candle, it’s a lovely mix of sweet with spice. I know I will use this one a lot over the next few months. I would have bought a larger jar but I know as Christmas gets closer I will want to try some more festive scents.

I’ve actually become a really big fan of Village Candles. When they first started appearing in the shops I thought they were clearly just trying to rip off Yankee Candles, and I didn’t think the scent would compare. But I’ve actually been really impressed with all the candles I’ve had from them so far, so I’d definitely recommend this brand – especially as they are a bit more budget friendly in comparison with Yankee Candles.

What are your favourite scented candles for the colder months?

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